Personal Training Tip: You Can Keep Your ‘PRIDE Body’ All Year Long!

By Jaymeson Anderson, Owner, Form & Function Personal Training

Although PRIDE 2016 is over, and you’re pretty pleased about all the hard work you did to look your best – cut carbs, plenty of physical training, maybe even a fitness boot camp here in Chicago – it doesn’t mean you have to slack off until next year.

As Chicago’s #1 Personal Trainers, we can help you stay motivated and achieve PRIDE-like results month after month.  Just follow these few simple tips.

It really boils down to four simple steps, involving the right fitness center, the right personal trainer, the right fitness routine, and the right diet.

  • Finding the right fitness center

Chicago is filled with gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, mixed martial arts facilities…you name it.  Find one that’s convenient for you to frequent, before work, after work, or on weekends.  Convenience is the key because if it’s not convenient, you won’t go.

  • Finding the right personal trainer

Sure a lot of guys believe they can train themselves.  Read a book, pop in a P90X routine, even watch some YouTube videos.  But if you want to keep that PRIDE body all year long, invest just a few dollars in a personal trainer who can understand your year-round goals and help you achieve them.  And make sure the trainer is qualified by interviewing him, asking about his credentials, even asking for some referrals from existing clients.

  • Finding the right fitness routine

Sure, who doesn’t want their upper body to glisten in the summer sun?  But developing a fitness routine that balances the muscle groups and gives equal weight to upper and lower body is the key.  Lower body, you ask?  That’s right!  Most people don’t realize that working the lower body muscles burns more calories, increases muscle mass and hormonal levels, and gives your body a more balanced/aesthetic look.  After all, who wants a “cracker ass,” right?

  • Finding the right fitness-focused diet

Your personal fitness trainer can help you with this, especially if he or she is highly qualified.  Your diet is critical, and binge drinking in the bars on weekends and starving yourself all week is not the answer (you think we’re exaggerating, but we’re not).  At Form & Function Personal Training, we place almost as much emphasis on diet as we do exercise.  Like everything else, with diet the idea is balance.

If you want to create a plan that keeps your body “PRIDE proud,” contact one of our Chicago fitness trainers today to learn more.