Consultation: It’s What Sets Us Apart From Other Chicago Personal Trainers

At our local Chicago fitness center, we’re committed to getting you the results that you want. We always avoid a generic approach. Instead, we’ll aim to learn as much about you as possible —while providing custom education — so your training experience is fully personalized.

Your effortless integration into the Form & Function process is the #1 priority for our personal trainers. Your first meeting with us will always be a consultation designed to inform you of the particulars of our personal training Philosophy, along with an assessment to provide us with vital information we can use to begin a unique program designed just for you.

Our initial consultation covers:

  • Your aesthetic goals and how your training and dietary habits can accelerate or impede your results;
  • Your functional and performance goals; and
  • Your health and wellness goals, as well as past and present medical history.

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What sets Form & Function apart from other Chicago personal trainers?
Our progressive style, our education and our unique training routines.

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