“From a former trainer and long-time aerobics instructor, it is tough to impress me in the world of fitness, but Jaymeson Anderson has done it. Jaymeson’s training style and innovation keeps the workout exciting while producing results. On a personal side, Jaymeson’s flexible approach to schedule and training regimen helped motivate without coming off as pushy.  His education and experience are evident and I can only hope to find similar training in New York.”
Ginger Zee, Meteorologist Good Morning America, formerly WMAQ

“Jaymeson has transformed how I exercise and train. I’ve been lifting weights and running 3 to 4 days a week for years, but increasingly felt the need to improve flexibility and strength. I started working out with Jaymeson because I liked how he interacted with his clients: encouraging, yet challenging, instructive, yet attentive. He tailored our initial full-body workouts appropriate to my needs and within a few weeks I felt better when running, had less back pain, and became more toned. Over time, our training sessions have become more varied in focus and activity; I learn several new exercises each time we meet. My body fat has fallen by 20% in six months and I’m getting a lot more out of my workouts when I exercise alone. It’s been time and money very well-spent.”
Scott W. Allard, Professor, University of Chicago

“Making the decision and commitment to change my lifestyle and get healthy was not an easy one, but Jaymeson made it the best decision I have ever made. His ability to support me through not only the great workouts but also the difficult workouts sets him apart from the “ordinary” trainer. He gives his undivided attention throughout the entire session as well as a thorough explanation for every routine, which makes the work seem so much more worth it. Jaymeson seems personally invested in my success and continues to impress me on a regular basis. I know that I will always have someone I can turn to for help and guidance while still gaining the courage and knowledge to to pursue health and wellness on my own.”
Kelly Thorsen, Therapist

“O.K., here we go, no quotations, just what came to my mind a couple of minutes ago, after 2 self-made, skinny margaritas… best T-shirt, best workouts, best trainer in the western hemisphere!”
Aleksandra Krystek, Foreign Service Officer

“Jaymeson is one of the best trainers I have ever had, and I’ve had my fare share of trainers!!! I love that fact that he gets excited when I push myself, and in return that makes me want to push myself harder. His sessions are full of positive motivation, and instead of time dragging, it flies. I remember when I hated going to gym, and now there is no way I’m going to miss a session!!!”
George Ishu, Business Owner

“There are lots of reasons to get a personal trainer. For me it was for motivation and to learn proper weight lifting form. Previous to my first routine, we worked through my personal goals and planned how to reach them. He was realistic and honest. During the two years I have worked with him, he kept my goals in mind, letting me know when I was off target for reaching them, and letting me know what I needed to do to get back on target. He didn’t let me cheat, either. It’s easy to lift more weight or do more reps if you don’t use good form, making apparent gains that aren’t real. To his credit, Jaymeson never allowed a sloppy set, ensuring that the gains I made were all real. Overall, I’d only recommend Jaymeson to someone who is very serious about setting some goals and willing to do the work to reach them.”
Douglas Cleveland, M.D., Lutheran General

“The sport of triathlon requires many components of the body aligning themselves simultaneously for optimal performance. Having a good coach to help during that journey pays dividends on race day. Jaymeson provided excellent strength training and endurance workouts, which helped me set a new personal record. Thanks Jaymeson!”
Albert Guarnieri, Agent, US Government

“Jaymeson impacted our lives for the better by changing the way we approached diet and exercise. His training, expertise, and friendship has had a permanent effect on us. We look forward to staying fit in the present and future.”
Peyton & Kelly Blewett, Business Owners

A NEW PERSONAL BEST TODAY! Shoulder pressed 110 lbs. I started training with Jaymeson Anderson – of Form & Function Personal Training, Chicago – due to a back injury. My doctors told me I should not lift more than 40 lbs total, and no more than 20 lbs over my head. I was not okay with that. After countless hours of physical training & multiple injections to my spine, nothing improved my back, surgery was my next option. I researched & found Jaymeson Anderson online, he assessed my lower back posture, created comprehensive training routines, and has provided me with the tools to shop for healthier foods. His training has helped strengthen my core, gain muscle mass, which has significantly increased my overall body mass. Today, with the help of Jaymeson Anderson, I am exceeding my doctors expectations.
Daniel Guerrero