Our Training Philosophy Sets Us Apart From Other Chicago Personal Trainers

The Key Elements – There are several areas of focus when creating a comprehensive change in the body. A weak link in the process can potentially lead to failure.

Posture, Form, and Flexibility: The body has a miraculous mechanical ability to produce power and speed, alter its composition, and adapt to stimulus. The style of exercise you perform is dependent on a sound frame and proper execution. We are not just banging weights around and making noise here… there is a science behind proper body movement. Great posture ensures that less stress will occur where it’s not supposed to. Better range of motion and muscular development will occur with flexibility and good form, and most importantly, a lower risk of injury during exercise and outside the gym. A small pull or strain can keep you out of the gym, and the rest of the body suffers. A large injury speaks for itself.

Strength, Power, and Endurance: The human body can create forces to any extent necessary to overcome stress. You dictate the nature of that stress based on your goals. Resistance training can consist of dumbbells and machines, gravity, water, wind, and the weight of your own body. We are made to adapt to stress by creating more density in certain types of muscle. A larger muscle burns more calories, protects the body’s fragile joints, looks more appealing, and creates ability. On the flip side, power is not practical without the ability to maintain it through muscular endurance. Can you maintain your strength long enough to burn those extra calories, build that additional muscle fiber, or finish that mile?

Diet: You are what you eat… very true. Educate yourself on the difference between complex and simple carbohydrates, healthy and poor fats, AM and PM eating. And what is the deal with protein? Give yourself better fuel for performance, better meal timing for more burn and less storage, and a better ability to recover more fully and more quickly. Do some supplements work? Yes. Are others worthless? Yes. Can you distinguish? Yes. We feel that your time spent exercising is half the battle, nutrition and recovery the other half. Don’t falter on this aspect.

Intensity, Frequency, and Variety: These are perhaps the most difficult elements to master, for they come with time and experience. No matter what your style, you have to push beyond what is comfortable. Intensity forces adaptation. You must convince your body to overcome stress if you wish to see changes. In terms of frequency, your body must perceive this process as a change in its environment. Going to the gym three times a month is not an environmental change. We will determine how often and how long, but your body will not waste resources on what it believes is a “temporary” shift in daily life. It will however adapt to a frequent application of specific exercise. And finally variety… It is the spice of life. It is as important physically as it is mentally, and it must be held in the highest regard. We will teach you how to introduce the proper dynamics so you never come face-to-face with the dreaded “plateau.”

Goals: Your goals are our goals. We will show you how to push yourself in any direction and look good doing it. Our goal is to show you how to get to where you want to be the fastest and most efficient way possible. The purpose of a goal is to provide some direction in the beginning, however there is no finish line in the physical realm. You can always go faster, utilize more strength, continue longer, and feel better, but let’s start with your ideal and go from there.

Education: Our approach is simple: don’t depend on your trainer forever. Benefit from initial one-on-one instruction, but eventually learn how to do this for yourself for the rest of your life.

What sets Form & Function apart from other Chicago personal trainers? Our training philosophy, where your goals are our goals.

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