Our Approach to Nutrition and Diet

As Chicago’s #1 personal trainers, our approach to nutrition and diet is simple: unique plans for unique people.

It is important for your trainer to learn your current and former eating habits, especially before making changes to your diet in the future. And your honesty with us is critical to that discussion. In order to lose fat, build muscle, improve performance and maintain health, we need to know how you choose foods and beverages on your own. In order to design meal plans, recommend recipes and monitor your results, we need you to be motivated, honest and willing to push yourself a little to make the necessary changes.

It all starts with keeping a record of consecutive days of eating and drinking. Next, we sit down with you to consult on nutrition education and strategy. We attack several areas, including obvious “red flags,” bolstering your nutritional knowledge, shopping and food preparation, as well as the physical-psychological relationship that can cause you to make good and bad food choices.

It’s not mandatory to begin the process immediately, as we understand that your new fitness routine can require a shift in thinking and focus on its own. That being said, your food and beverage choices can have a major impact on your personal training workouts, and in some cases, certain desired physical outcomes simply can’t be met without proper dieting practices.

Whether we make changes slowly or rapidly, the goal is to avoid sliding backward…If you do wind up “cheating,” we just ask you compensate with an extra serving of exercise!