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Jaymeson Anderson has been a full time, private and club based personal trainer and practicing nutritionist for twelve years. He has two certifications from International Sports Science Association, one in Personal Training and one in Performance Nutrition.

Jaymeson is certified as an NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist / Athletic Trainer, and certified in CPR and First Aid. He has a Bachelor Degree in sport science and is about to begin a Masters program for Kinesiology. Jaymeson is an avid exerciser with a concentration on strength, speed, efficiency, and general health and wellness. He also has personal experience overcoming his own physical fitness obstacles, including extreme weight loss and sports related injuries. He continually immerses himself in every possible aspect of this rapidly developing industry, and truly loves his work.

About Form&Function

Form & Function Personal Training was established in 2008 as a client service determined to better educate and communicate with individuals being trained. F&F also serves to reach out to people with the desire and potential to make a lifestyle change. You are invited to come see for yourself.

Jaymeson Anderson

National Strength and Conditioning Association
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

International Sports Sciences Association
Specialist in Performance Nutrition

International Sport Sciences Association
Certified Fitness Trainer

Southern Illinois University
Bachelor of Science