Why should I try to gain muscle if I only want to lose fat?

More muscle burns more calories during use, and creates a higher resting metabolism. With a tailored routine, you can use this metabolic difference to burn more body fat, while keeping the appearance of the musculature smooth and slender. An overall leaner physique while avoiding a bulky profile is a possible alternative to the “bodybuilder” look.

What happens if I take a break from exercise?

Didn’t your gym coach in high school ever say to you: “use it or lose it!” He may not have taught you much about modern health clubs, but this bit of advice was good. Your body responds to continuous, reoccurring stress that it needs to overcome to adapt properly. Slowly over time your body is responding to whatever represents the majority of your lifestyle choices. One major difference between an in-active individual and an athletic individual can be seen in the levels of hormones responsible for things like metabolic rate, muscular growth, fat storage, energy, endurance, etc. Time spent without stress and stimulation can see a change in these respective hormonal levels. Your specific style of exercise should ideally become a frequent and permanent addition to your lifestyle such as eating food, showering, and sleeping.

Is my Form&Function personal trainer going to push me hard?

Yes. However, we don’t have to scream in your face and call you names to create a challenging environment for you. No matter how conditioned you think you are, we are going to push you harder because we want more out of you than you think you can give, and we will smile while doing it.

What if I already work out? What if I’m an athlete?

We possess the technical ability to cater to the needs of all types of fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Anyone at any level can be better. Even athletes often fail to recognize stagnant levels in their own training style. Individuals don’t realize that their routines are monotonous until they experience the difference. Things can always be more dynamic, more progressive.

What if I can’t make it to the gym 6 times per week?

Frequency is important, but Chicago has a busy lifestyle, and it might not be possible to come in most days in a week. A lower frequency needs more intensity to compensate. An efficient and intense routine can accomplish much more in a set amount of time. Additionally, a wide variety of choices exist outside the gym in places such as your house, office, and hotel room that can fill in the gaps. Ideally, you put in the time no matter what or where. Oh, and we relish the opportunity to write you homework!

Should I improve my diet?

That’s a good question. The answer is a resounding YES, as diet affects your progress as much as the exercise does. Generally people don’t receive much formal education in nutrition unless they seek it independently. We will be your live resource while you re-shape your diet. Your diet plays a fundamental role in your active lifestyle.

Can’t I just do cardio and eat right?

Yes, absolutely. Your results will reflect that set point in your metabolism, and be based primarily on time spent on a treadmill, bike, pool, etc. However, you will have a hard time adding significant amounts of lean muscle with endurance training as your only style of exercise. If you choose to supplement your routine with resistance training, you gain the ability to burn fat faster, undertake more difficult types of cardio that require more strength and explosive power, rehabilitate injuries faster, avoid injuries more often, create more balance, stability and speed, and of course more tone and definition.

Do I HAVE to stretch?

No, you can be a healthy and active individual without much stretching. However, you will be more susceptible to injury, poor posture, and limited range of motion. Good flexibility levels can allow you to go deeper into compound movements, avoid pulls, strains, sprains or worse, and correct posture by relieving stress on parts of the body.