Chicago Personal Trainer Tip: Do Fitness Boot Camps Truly Help With Weight Loss?

By Jaymeson Anderson, Owner, Form & Function Training

Most Americans shy away from the terms “weight loss camp” or “fitness boot camps” when they hear them. Maybe you’ve watched The Biggest Loser or seen documentaries that have given you a startling look into what kind of torture can be inflicted on the obese in an effort to help them shed their pounds.

It seems like no one would submit himself to this, yet every year hundreds of thousands of overweight children and adults participate in fitness boot camps and finish much thinner than when they began. Such organized camps keep us from cheating on our diets and slacking in our workouts long enough to make a significant impact on our body fat levels.

With summer fast approaching, this structured diet and exercise might appeal to those looking to regain their “summer bodies.”

As Chicago’s #1 personal trainers, we can help you determine the causes of weight gain, as well as the best ways to help regain your body’s form and function.

Whether it’s best buds getting together for pizza or co-workers celebrating an office birthday with cake, friends and family can add weight gain pressure you may not even be aware of.

Sometimes you can’t shake the feeling that if you’re feeling down, you should just eat something to make yourself feel better. And, it might seem too cold, hot, far, time-consuming or painful to exercise at times; decreasing the likelihood that you make it to all your workouts.

If your doctor has told you that you are overweight, and your work in the gym (with or without a trainer) has shown few results, a fully controlled environment, such as the one provided by a fitness boot camp, might be your best bet for changing your lifestyle.

Fitness boot camps can provide a solution for what has become a common struggle among Americans. Within the controlled environment of a fitness boot camp, you aren’t able to eat fattening foods, skip workouts, or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Participants benefit from this structure in several ways:

• Exercise burns off excess calories, and proper diet keeps them off

• Instructors can provide menus that are high in protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. Participants can also refer to a number of sample diets on our website 

• Instructors are trained to help burn a maximum number of calories through specially designed routines utilizing compound movements with limited rest periods

A pound of fat is the equivalent of 3,500 calories, and it takes approximately 10 minutes of intensive exercise to burn 100 calories, so this gives us some idea as to how much time it would take to burn off 3,500 calories using conventional methods such as running, biking, swimming, etc. With all the effort spent on burning calories through exercise, it’s essential that the meals eaten during a fitness boot camp be lean to maintain a healthy “caloric deficit” and to promote weight loss.

Fitness boot camps provide EDUCATION, which is a key to success.
During their time spent in a fitness boot camp, participants learn proper eating habits and how to make better nutritional choices once they’re back at home. They also learn:

• How to compose individualized exercise routines

• Use gym equipment properly

• Warm up

• Stretch

• Improve athletic ability and posture

It’s this education that becomes essential in participants’ fight to continue losing body fat and keep it off for good.

Fitness boot camp participants CAN lose the weight if they make necessary changes.
You likely won’t need this type of structured exercise forever, but it could be very helpful in getting a jump-start on your weight loss goal and temporarily changing your workout routine.

This change includes eliminating all the old influences that may have contributed to that unwanted readout on the bathroom scale. If you have been struggling for some time now, tried several unsuccessful diets, hired weight loss “gurus,” all to no avail, then a fitness boot camp might be the option that finally works for you.

Let’s face it: obesity increases the likelihood of too many health risks to be ignored. If you can’t do it alone, rely on the highly skilled trainers at a fitness boot camp to give you the push you need to lose unwanted weight and keep it off.

If you would like to determine whether a boot camp is right for you, contact one of our Chicago fitness trainers today to learn more.