Client Education: The True Advantage of choosing our Chicago Personal Trainers

Throughout your experience, your trainer will act as your #1 resource for anything you need to know, both in and outside the gym.

  •  Your trainer will educate you on all the aspects of our process so you feel more comfortable when you workout alone, choose meal and snack options, and complete homework independently.
  • Your trainer will make it clear that there’s a personal commitment outside our training sessions. Ultimately, everything from the actual exercises to the time you spend training on your own outside the gym will be tailored to your needs.
  • Your trainer will provide guidance throughout the process so you feel supported. We may recommend that you change major aspects of your life so you look, feel and perform better. We only ask that you trust our ability to help you get it done in the safest and fastest way possible.You WILL see and feel the difference when you work with your Form & Function personal trainer!

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What sets Form & Function apart from other Chicago personal trainers?
Our progressive style, our education and our unique training routines.

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